How Our Adventure Began

Our guests always ask us how we began this grand adventure of renovating a vast abandoned glass works into a luxury villa and four apartments with a pool, panoramic views, located within an medieval hilltop village named Piegaro. We reply, “Do you want the long or short version?”

The long version is that we fell in love with Umbria on our honeymoon in 1993, when we took the road less traveled. Called “The Green Heart of Italy”, Umbria is studded with hilltop villages, towers, castles and verdant valleys. Welcomed heartily everywhere we went in Umbria, we loved the wine, the food, the art, the culture…..but always in the end, it was the people who loved us back. Returning year after year, we started looking for a place to transform into a retreat for guests who love the same things we do. We wanted to share our little slice of paradise and meet guests from around the world. We crawled up ancient towers, explored an abandoned castle, walked through farm houses with spider webs, but none in a village. We soon found that our desired combination of a large property in a hilltop village with room for a pool and with views, was impossible to find. It took years of looking until we discovered a realtor’s website with properties for sale and a tagline “Industrial Archeology”. Intrigued, we clicked on the tag and up popped a photo of a vine-encrusted tower, a vast arch with missing roof tiles and a photo of glass artisans from the 1800’s inside a glass factory. With four levels and over 9,000 square feet located on the western wall of a little village in Umbria, we quickly telephoned the owner and said “We can be there in two days. Is it still for sale?” Gianni Romizi replied, “Of course it is. She has been waiting for you.” We did, she was and after years of renovation, we opened our paradise for guests in 2008. We have been welcoming adventurous souls for eleven years. Originally from Seattle, we now live full time in Piegaro and have been embraced by the villagers. To see photos of our amazing renovation visit this link: More to follow….