Meet the Ladies of Piegaro

The odyssey we took to restore this long abandoned gem is the stuff of stories: how we met the mayor within days of arrival, were welcomed into a beautiful village, adopted by four generations of a warm Umbrian family, struggled to finish a massive restoration in time for arriving guests, vaulted months of red tape with the help of our amazing “fixer”, the geometra who became our dear friend, how we get involved in village festivals and are now continuing to discover what “living our dream” actually means.              With these stories, I share my own reality, much like a mosaic of brilliant ancient glass overlaid with the patina of true grit: life in a small village. I will take you with me as I explore the historical sites in Umbria and Tuscany that are so near and discover the meanings beneath the layers of that first romance with our dear, sometimes inscrutable, Umbria. Meet the Ladies of Piegaro: